Financial Longevity

Financial Longevity

Design for America NYU Studio created the idea of “The Incubator Club for Credit Union Members” which had been selected for the OpenIDEO challenge of Financial Longevity. The challenge was to design financial services for people age 50+.

Mission: The Incubator Club provides those 50 and older with resources (community, networking, mentoring, finance, technical skills, etc.) and support to remain professionally active and to develop a project they are passionate about. Joining the club offers people the chance to apply their expertise in a new way, and to connect with people in their community by helping other projects and organizations. The Incubator Club supports the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs and also creates the potential for extra resources to help them fulfill their obligations.

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Project Team: Adhish Patel, Beinuo Gong, Chun-fang Huang, Flora Richter, Kathleen Chao, and Lillian Warner.

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