Our Team

Anne-Laure Fayard is Associate Professor in the Department of Technology Management and Innovation at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and affiliate faculty in the Department of Management and Organizations at NYU Stern School of Business. She is passionate about human-centred design and design thinking (which she researches, teaches and practices) and social innovation. Her other research interests include: collaboration, communication, culture, space and open innovation.
Anne Laure
Faculty Advisor
Akshit says: "Have you heard of the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn". Well, I try to live by this quote as much as possible. My transition from being a rote learner to understanding things and now doing everything practically has helped me evolve my perspective towards life. I love taking up challenges and solving complex problems and being a part of the DFA community has enabled me to do so. By being involved in social initiatives by the DFA has inspired me to bring about positive change in society and empower others to do the same. On a side note, I am a huge fan of playing Sudoku and Solitaire."
Katelynn is a 1st year graduate student studying Integrated Digital Media. She is passionate about the capabilities of design to create lasting social impacts. She loves interviewing users and understanding their needs as well as facilitating the design project within her team. She is currently the team lead of the Tech Equity project, which is partnered with a nonprofit organization called DreamYard. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting and crochet, and scrolling endlessly through TikTok.
Communications Manager
Valeriya is a Master's of Management of Technology student at NYU. She is passionate about human-centered design and technology. Valeriya wants to use the design thinking method to make social impact and to work on solving complex problems. In addition to DT, she is passionate about yoga and traveling. Valeriya is in charge of building internal NYU relations and external DFA networks as well as event planning.
Som is a first-year IDM Master student at NYU. She is a UX designer and is passionate about using the design thinking process to build tools to help better people's lives. Outside of design, she is an avid ballet dancer and illustrator.
Projects Coodinator
Gabriela is a former Software Engineer and second-year MoT Master's student at NYU. She is passionate about technology and how it can be used to help society. Gabriela is an international student from Argentina, most of her work has been related to creating websites and apps, and leading technical teams to achieve new solutions. She has also experience in product management and data analytics. After a semester as community manager with DFA NYU Leadership team, Gabriela decided to shift to a Digital Media Specialist working on specific projects like the website and the YouTube Channel