A community of students, undergraduates and graduates across all NYU, who use human-centered design to tackle social issues locally and globally and to develop solutions that have social impact. We are part of Design for America, a national student network composed of more than 35 studios across the US.

 PODCAST:  Design Thinking Roundtable

In the latest season, we focus on designing for all humans. As practitioners of human-centered design, we should always encourage ourselves to think about the extremes, and not design only for the “average” user. However, more often than not, the people who are already marginalized in society remain excluded from this process. How can we find the right way through this? Listen here .

In the first season of the Design Thinking Roundtable, DFA NYU connected with experts in the fields of design thinking, innovation and social impact to discuss how they approach human-centered design in their projects. Click here to listen to our podcast.

Spring  2020 schedule

Project Critique I-  February 21, 2020

Project Critique II- March 27, 2020

Project Critique III-  April 24, 2020

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