Rajesh Bilimoria

Rajesh thrives on the intersection of ideas and is a firm believer in interdisciplinary thinking as a key lever for innovation, and his career has focused on innovation and new…

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Adhish Patel

Adhish is a Master of Science candidate at New York University Tandon School of Engineering. Majoring in Management of Technology with experience and interest in Data Analysis and Design Thinking,…

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Shuling Chen

Shuling loves to apply consumer psychology concepts to organizations' strategic decision making processes.  She is also very interested in combining psychology concepts and human center design process to optimize the…

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Mobility devices for the Elderly
Lovely retired couple talking on the sofa

Mobility devices for the Elderly

1.5 Million elderly people use walkers, 4 Million elderly people use canes in America. However, what mobility device is the most preferred by them? Shopping cart! When we spoke with…

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How can we creatively address food insecurity while reducing food waste using human-centered design? Design for America of NYU (DFA NYU) has been working for more than a year on…

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Make a change. Have an impact It’s not only about being creative, but it’s also about being mindful and purposeful. It’s not only about coming up with ideas, it’s about…

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It always starts with people We design for social good by being focused on people’s and communities’ needs to make their lives better.  

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