Leslie Martinez

Leslie Martinez is a designer and researcher who works at the intersection of immigration and design. In May of 2016, she graduated from NYU’s MS in Integrated Digital Media a…

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Ashley Tang
Ashley Tang

Ashley Tang

Ashley Siyu Tang is an undergraduate student in NYU majoring in Media, Communication and Culture and minoring in Anthropology. She’s passionate about social changes, culture studies, media and film. She…

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Lee-Sean Huang

Lee-Sean Huang is a designer, innovation strategist, and educator. He is a co-founder and creative director of Foossa, a community-centered design consultancy. His recent work includes: advising the United Nations…

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David Pal

David is a 5th year PhD student studying Environmental Engineering and Water Resources in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University.  His dissertation research explores the connection…

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Do Tank
Do Tank Spring 2016: Borders, Migration, and Immigration

Do Tank

The Do Tank is a partnership between miLES (Made in Lower East Side), OpenIDEO and NYU School of Engineering. The Do Tank aims to help pilot and realize ideas. The…

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