Shannon Holloway

Shannon Holloway

MIni Bio

What are you doing currently?
I’m a Research Lead at the NYU Ability Project where I lead an interdisciplinary team in conducting user research, prototyping and testing to inform inclusive design and accessibility in home entertainment.

Why did you join DFA NYU?
I joined DFA NYU to be part of a community passionate about human-centered design for social impact.

The DFA Project(s) you have worked on
S.S. Columbia Project

Your role as the member/e-board member at DFA NYU
As a Project Lead for the S.S. Columbia Project I lead the team in developing innovative STEM learning and community engagement experiences using the historic steamboat as a platform. Our team was awarded a Greenhouse grant to travel to Buffalo, NY and conduct on site user research and rapid prototyping. My role as an e-board member focused on promoting knowledge sharing within DFA NYU, namely by facilitating project critiques and helping teams effectively present their projects and incorporate feedback.

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