Placemaking Reimagined

Started at September 2017 with the idea to address hygiene issues homeless women face during their menstruation period, we later found in the research phase that there’s a much greater need for a private, safe space where the women can clean themselves and feel dignified. We therefore developed our opportunity statement into “There is an opportunity to provide homeless women with private space so that they feel a sense of safety and cleanliness.” Currently in the prototyping phase, we have been doing several rapid prototypes and build relations with a few homeless women. This led us to come up with some intermediate actions while refining our idea of a private space.

Through out the process, we gained many insights, such as the different needs of the diverse types of women on the street, the common wish of the women for a private space where they could contain their “old self” and feel dignified, the lack of sense of community within the homeless women population, and the fact that we should always ready to be surprised and be flexible for changes in the Human-Center Design process.

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