On-Going Projects

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Cultivating ChangeMaker (&YMCA 2020–)

How can we engage and empower youth to be changemakers in their communities?

The Changemaker Team will be working (researching and designing) with the YMCA Stakeholders as well as one YMCA branch in New York City. We also have the support from the DFA National. At the end of this project, we will be presenting at the YMCA Headquarters in Chicago, IL (April 24).  Details click here.


 Outdoor navigation (&Vision, 2019 Spring–)

The Outdoor Navigation team aims to create a safe and accessible navigation environment for blind and low vision community members in New York City. Working with partner organization Visions, the team is trying to understand the obstacles these community members experience in their daily routines. The team is now working on potential ideate implementations to assist their navigation needs and has received feedback from its users. Details click here.


Student Mental Health (2019 Fall–)
The mental health team is trying to improve access to mental health services for college students. Be partnering with Student Affairs and Services at NYU Tandon, the team is excited for its first phase of implementation and piloting its solutions. Details click here.

The Freedge (2019 fall—)

The NYU Freedge is a relaunched project that aims to reduce food insecurity and food wastage on New York University’s campuses. This human-centered design project of Design for America-NYU is a smart community refrigerator and social space where students, faculty and staff are invited to give and take food. The goal is to foster community engagement and trust and to create a movement around food sharing, reducing the environmental footprint from food wastage and provide food for those in need.  Details click here.