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Student Mental Health (2019 Fall— ongoing)
The mental health team is trying to improve access to mental health services for college students. Be partnering with Student Affairs and Services at NYU Tandon, the team is excited for its first phase of implementation and piloting its solutions. Details click here.

The Freedge (2019 fall—ongoing )

The NYU Freedge is a relaunched project that aims to reduce food insecurity and food wastage on New York University’s campuses. This human-centered design project of Design for America-NYU is a smart community refrigerator and social space where students, faculty and staff are invited to give and take food. The goal is to foster community engagement and trust and to create a movement around food sharing, reducing the environmental footprint from food wastage and provide food for those in need.  Details click here.

NEW! Civic Engagement(Fall 2020—ongoing)

Our new team will explore the following question: How might we encourage young people to vote and become actively engaged citizens?

In a perfect world, there are certain issues that wouldn’t exist. Yet, we definitely don’t live in a perfect world. We need a change in the status quo in order to create a more hopeful, sustainable, and equitable future for the coming generations. Young people as citizens have an important say and role in the world of tomorrow and it is essential that they take on this role and contribute to the development of their societies. Through civic engagement, we can manifest our passion for change, discuss community issues, learn how to share publicly our views with confidence, and actively participate in our democracy

Student Mental Health (2019 Fall— ongoing)