NYS Courts Signage Project
NYS Courts Signage Project

NYS Courts Signage Project

NYS courts all have independent navigation systems and signages that can be confusing and user unfriendly at times, leading to courthouse inefficiency and confusion and frustration of court-goers. This project uses Human Centered Design to investigate this problem and identify solutions.

The Brief:

The NYS Court Signage Project is a Design for America NYU and New York State Unified Court System collaboration, attacking a problem many court-goers face: navigating the complex courthouses. Essentially we are using human-centered design and the iterative design process to solve this problem: How can we better help all people with different diverse backgrounds better navigate the NYS courts?

We are currently looking for anyone interested with some familiarity with law, design, or engineering, to join our team.

Project Leader: Jasmine Chabra

Team members: Sameehan Patel, Gabriella Cammarata, Sara Camnasio, Lillian Warner, Shuling Chen

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