Kathleen is a Design Strategist who is passionate about improving the quality of life through human-centred design. She has graduated with a master’s degree in Integrated Digital Media at Tandon School of Engineering. Prior to graduate school, she has worked across 3 continents where she managed multi-disciplinary teams in fast-paced consumer product industries. Her unique cultural and professional background has guided her to place empathy as the quintessence of life and the focus of her design. Her work now drives both strategic and tactical decision-making as she collaborates with designers, engineers, and often the business. Lastly, her involvement with DFA includes leading the winning team of OpenIDEO’s financial longevity challenge as well as serving as DFA NYU Chapter’s President.

Leslie Martinez is a designer and researcher who works at the intersection of immigration and design. In May of 2016, she graduated from NYU’s MS in Integrated Digital Media a program housed within the Dept. of Technology, Culture, and Society at the Tandon School of Engineering. While at NYU, she was an active member of Design for America of NYU where she designed a community-centered program to empower women in a slum of Kathmandu, Nepal.

In March of 2017, Leslie started a 14-week residency at TED Conferences. While in her residency Leslie will continue her research in redesigning ways unaccompanied immigrant children can access ‘know your rights’ information. She recently organized Hack the Ban, a hackathon that matched creatives and technologists with organizations supporting the Muslim and immigrant communities of New York City. She is currently the Program Manager for the Ecologies of Migrant Care Initiative at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. Leslie is associated with the NYS Courts Signage Project.

Krishna Namita Simha is an engineer from Bangalore, India. She specializes in problem-solving, technology consulting, supply chain and product management. Her interests lie in ideating for new product & process designs and researching about how Design Thinking methodology allows organizations to innovate. By being part of Design for America, Namita aims to learn the human centred design approach. She is part of the Fiat Chrysler Project as a Team lead and believes in getting hands-on experience in Design thinking.

Izabela Correa in an Industrial Engineer from Brazil. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Management of Technology at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.  Izabela is passionate about human-centered design and innovation. Her research interests also include collaboration and the role of the space. As a Design for America member, Izabela aims to create a positive impact in her community and in the world while learning more about the design thinking approach.


Carlos Bautista is an Industrial designer from Bogotá, Colombia, who specializes in audiovisual, web, and multimedia product development. His work focuses on new digital media, Augmented Reality and Data Visualization; he is able to turn ideas into projects by using methods as Design Thinking to generate a Human Centered Design Approach to tackle social issues. He has worked in different companies and as an external consultant in several fields such as short film production, web development, and product design.

Feli is a journalist and an aspiring UX designer with a passion for Human-centered design.  She is currently enrolled in Studio20, NYU’s program in innovation and technology for media companies, where she is focused on developing innovative products for audience engagement. She hopes to positively impact the new media landscape by helping bring a new user-centered approach to the news.


Sushma Ravindran Colanukuduru is a mechanical engineer from Hyderabad, India. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Management of Technology. She believes in experiential learning and being a part of DFA has led Sushma to realize her area of passion that is human centered design and the impact it can have on society. She is also interested in the topics of frugal innovation, the purpose economy and social entrepreneurship. She is was working on a DFA project that aims to reduce food waste.


Rodney likes to learn about different cultures. He loves designing things and bringing them to life by various prototyping and engineering techniques. He is passionate about developing new things. He is fascinated by the Human-Centered design process and wants to use it to improve the modern ways of developing products. He can be constantly found building something.



Tatiana Pilon is a research and development engineer exploring the possibilities within human-centered design and emerging technologies. She has more than 10 years industry expertise in finance & technology and is currently pursuing a master’s in digital media engineering at NYU. She is passionate about innovation for social good alongside entrepreneurship and was selected to join a team of future entrepreneurs at the Bloomberg Beta: Future Founders program.



Rajni Chada loves to apply her academic knowledge of Mechanical Engineering and Technology Management for social welfare. Prior to her Masters, she pursued her passion working as a sustainability consultant to promote energy efficiency through research and collaborations. She believes in the power of Human Centered Design in making positive changes in our community. She has been associated with DFA for a year working on the BINDI project to design a toolkit that helps empower women in low income backgrounds.

Shannon Holloway is a User Experience (UX) Researcher based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about solving complex problems with human-centered design methods. She led interdisciplinary teams to develop high-impact and inclusive research strategies, translate research findings into actionable insights, and deliver delightful user experiences. She is currently at Google, and drives broad inclusive research initiatives across G Suite products to further Google’s mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.


Adhish is a Master of Science candidate at New York University Tandon School of Engineering. Majoring in Management of Technology with experience and interest in Data Analysis and Design Thinking, he is interested in Innovation Strategy both in Organizations and Product. His recent interests include Data Science and Machine Learning. Talk to him about anything Tech



Shuling loves to apply consumer psychology concepts to organizations’ strategic decision making processes.  She is also very interested in combining psychology concepts and human center design process to optimize the functions of designed products and services. With her experience in DFA, she believes that conducting a good design research is the key to a successful design. She has been associated with DFA for a year working on the FCA sponsored shared mobility project and the NYC court signage project



Amira is a senior concentrating on Integrated Digital Media and Business Studies at NYU’s School of Engineering. As a full-time student exploring the intersection of engineering, technology, and art throughdesign in and outside of the classroom, Amira loves to collaborate on projects that embrace the symbiosis between the technical and the artistic. She is especially passionate about utilizing human-centered design for social impact and teaming up with design-thinkers who have diverse backgrounds and interests in order to design more innovative solutions to real-world problems and expand her perspective along the way.


Tuba  Naziruddin is an advocate of altruism, strongly believing in helping and giving back to the community. With her techno-management background, MBA, Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Technology she is actively engaged in research, pro-bono consulting and projects aimed towards community building. She is part of the DFA team combating food insecurity-The NYU Freedge. She is a polyglot speaking five languages and enjoys learning about diverse cultures. Her mantra is “Be as open as you can to learning, the rest will follow on its own”. Inspired by the Human Centered Design process, she is currently working on a start-up idea.

Emma is a at NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study graduate where she was a member of the Dean’s Honor Society and is creating an interdisciplinary major she calls, “Urban Food Sustainability and Food Justice.” Before serving on NYU DFA’s Eboard, Emma co-led The NYU FREEdge project which aims to tackle interrelated issues of food waste and food insecurity on college campuses. As a traveler and an artist, she is passionate about learning from other cultures and integrating a cross-cultural perspective to enhance her work in social impact design.

Srishti is an Integrated Digital Media Graduate student at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Prior to her masters she worked with start-ups in India and has a background in Product management and development. She is keen on exploring how design thinking and technology can impact human lives.



Sara is an experience designer and a science educator. She is currently a second-year Master’s student at the Integrated Digital Media program at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering. Her thesis work focuses on how to bridge the gap between environment-behaviour research and environments design. At NYU, she is also a fellow in an NSF-funded program in collaboration with NYU Steinhardt, where she adapts STEAM curriculum for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Following her passion for science education, she is currently working on an underwater Virtual Reality (VR) experience aiming to inspire kids about ocean conservation and funded by National Geographic. Previously, as an assistant researcher in the Astrophysics department at the American Museum of Natural History, she investigated the properties of low-mass stars called brown dwarfs. She graduated cum laude from the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College with a Bachelor’s degree in physics and a minor in dance.


Crystal M. Pang graduated from NYU Gallatin, where she studied the intersection of marketing and design.She is interested in how brands strategically craft their story to connect with their customers using new media, data, and design.  She has worked in city government, an education non-profit, a health-tech startup, numerous entertainment companies, and most recently at a consulting firm to improve business’ customer experience.


Lillian Warner is a UX designer. As a graduate student in the Integrated Digital Media program at NYU Tandon, she focused on thinking about how traditional human-centred design methods can be applied to emerging technologies, especially augmented and virtual reality. She has spoken about her work at the Seattle Interactive Conference, NYC Media Lab’s Future Reality Expo, and ConveyUX. She is excited about helping to build an inclusive, welcoming AR/VR community.