Placemaking Reimagined

“There is an opportunity to provide homeless women with private space so that they feel a sense of safety and cleanliness .” More here.



JAZET–SS Columbia

Join us in designing playful STEAM-learning experiences for kids! Learn more about SS Columbia here.



Voices Without Roofs

Voices Without Roofs seeks to answer the question, “how might we help street homeless New Yorkers move into housing?” More about Voices Without Roof here.




Rainbow Crescent 

Crescent Rainbow is focused on the intersections of identities, and creating safe spaces that empower, encourage expression and create a sense of community. More about Rainbow Crescent here.


Mobility devices for the Elderly

A completely new research methodology is being used in this project.  More and newer Engineering, Medicine, and Healthcare concepts are being thoroughly studied and applied in the development of Cane. Details here.





How can we creatively address food insecurity while reducing food waste using human centered design? Details here.






Financial Longevity

Design for America NYU Studio created the idea of “The Incubator Club for Credit Union Members” which had been selected for the OpenIDEO challenge of Financial Longevity. The challenge was to design financial services for people age 50+. Details here.



Family Food Insecurity Project

How can we support working families provide healthy meal access for themselves and their children? More here




The Project on Educating Journalists for the XXI Century Newsroom

How might we improve  journalism teaching to match the needs of the XXI century? More here.





Medline Project

How can we ensure the effective use of mobility devices to help patients ‘get back on their feet’ after a temporary injury? More here.



The Project on Making good food, Easy

How might we will equip NYC-metro area families with tools to find and use Good Food as a mechanism for achieving well-being? Details here.




NYS Courts Signage Project

How can we better help all people with different diverse backgrounds better navigate the NYS courts? More about the project here.




Fiat Chrysler Project: Project Dora on shared mobility

How might we support shared mobility in the underserved neighbourhoods of New York to develop environmental impact and create new economic opportunities. More here.



Do Tank Spring 2016: Borders, Migration, and Immigration

The Spring 2016 Do Tank challenge was focused on Borders, Migration, and Immigration, in which the team members will work on and solve problems about obstacles between immigrants and local people in NYC. More here




MET Project: The Never Ending Manifest

The MET organized a one-day think-tank to complement the inaugural exhibition of the Met Breuer, Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible.In the context of this upcoming event, DFA NYU collaborated with the MET Media Lab in designing a way to both document and share the outcome of this discussion with the general public in a way that involves  the audience and engages people by facilitating  real participation. More about it here.



The Bindi Project: Empowering women in low-income urban areas

The Bindi Guide aims to help NGOs and grassroots groups co-create self-sustaining programs to empower low income women. It provides them with a step-by-step process on how to design and facilitate such programs using a human-centered design and train-the-trainer approach. More here.





eNABLE 1000 Hands Challenge

Design for America is collaborating with e-NABLE to 3D print  prosthetic hands that are custom made for an individuals who are seeking a tool to help with every day tasks, that would be easier if they had two functional hands. More here



Rethinking – Learning from nature

This interactive exhibition consisted of 4 pavilions, which present the four elements — water, fire, earth and air — and promotes greater awareness of the environment, natural resources, and human impact on them. More here.




Cultivating ChangeMaker (&YMCA  Spring 2020)

How can we engage and empower youth to be changemakers in their communities? The Changemaker Team will be working (researching and designing) with the YMCA Stakeholders as well as one YMCA branch in New York City. We also have the support from the DFA National.  Details click here. 

Podcast link click here

Outdoor navigation (&Vision Fall 2019 – Spring 2020)

The Outdoor Navigation team aims to create a safe and accessible navigation environment for blind and low vision community members in New York City. Working with partner organization Visions, the team is trying to understand the obstacles these community members experience in their daily routines. The team is worked on potential ideate implementations to assist their navigation needs and has received feedback from its users. Details click here.