MET Project: The Never Ending Manifest

The manifest has been one of the fundamental tools by which artists and artistic movements  publicly communicated their esthetic and political views, and introduced the broader public to their proposed new paradigm.  However, In the contemporary context of internet based art, where  geographical and time boundaries are challenged and replaced by art as an open ended, collaborative and permanently changing experience, there is an opportunity for a new kind of manifest. One that includes and engages the public in an ongoing permanent conversation.

The MET will be organizing a one-day think-tank to complement the inaugural exhibition of the Met Breuer, Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible. The topic of the event will be the “possibilities and challenges of open-ended art work on an overgrowing digital canvas”. In the context of this upcoming event, DFA NYU will collaborate with the MET Media Lab in designing a way to both document and share the outcome of this discussion with the general public in a way that involves  the audience and engages people by facilitating  real participation.  

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