The Project on Making good food, Easy

The Project on Making good food, Easy

Design Challenge: How might we will equip NYC-metro area families with tools to find and use Good Food as a mechanism for achieving well-being?

Founding Team & Project Goals: Our founding team includes a former nonprofit executive director, a healthcare marketing expert, human centered designer/engineer, and a sales/operations professional with experience working at food-focused social enterprises. We plan to create a social enterprise (probably a B Corp business model) in 2017 and will be using The Social Lean Canvas to build a sustainable business model for our final idea.

Project Status: In March 2016, we began using Human Centered Design (HCD) to develop a deep understanding of “users”’ needs and context.  We’ve conducted in-depth research: 20 home interviews, 15 subject matter experts, 4 photo essay projects and 5 card sorting interviews.

Target User: Low-income, working mothers (living just above or below the poverty line), who aren’t able to access existing Good Food support services because of cost and logistical challenges.

Team Leaders: Crystal Pang Vivian Nguyen Cao

Team Members: Sameehan Patel, Ariaki Shamsunder Dandawate, Snehal Kasturey, Kimberly Reisman

Mentor: Lee-Sean

Brief journey of the project team


Good Food Made Easy tackled the question of how to help low-income working immigrant families eat better. After the research and interviewing participants, the team found that time was an issue for many working parents when it came to choosing healthy food options for their families. They created a prototype of a chef-on-demand program, inspired by one of the experiences of an interviewee of having someone come into their home to teach them how to cook.


The team created a low-resolution prototype that outlined the flow of the chef-on-demand program. A parent would request a “chef” (culinary student or trained volunteer) through a community organization and schedule a time for the chef to come to their home to cook. The chef would bring staple ingredients and use existing ingredients in the home to simulate real cooking experiences. Children can also benefit from this experience by seeing how easy and fun it is to cook at home with their parents. During the project critique, people were concerned about safety, willingness of participants to let people into their home, and cost.

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