eNABLE 1000 Hands Challenge

eNABLE 1000 Hands Challenge

Mission Statement  –  Let’s build HOPE !!!!

To join and build a volunteer community to utilize their 3D printers and expertise to create free devices for children and adults with upper limb differences

What is the Project :

Design for America is collaborating with e-NABLE to 3D print  prosthetic hands that are custom made for an individuals who are seeking a tool to help with every day tasks, that would be easier if they had two functional hands.

Why this Project : 

We all have the ability to make positive change in the world by using the skills we have, finding ways to use our hobbies and our free time to make a difference in the lives of others and using the power of our ideas, creativity and imaginations to gift the world with ways to help one another.

How do we do it and what do we need  

Our goal is to have at least two hands printed, in order to submit it to e-NABLE for upcoming an event by mid-December

First We need to gain approval from e-NABLE by printing the basic “Raptor –  http://www.enablecommunityfoundation.org/upper-limb-prosthetics/“  hand and sending it to e-NABLE for verification. We have an industrious and ambitious team who likes to take on a challenge, push the envelope and use their problem solving skills to come up with design for 3D prosthetic hands.

For that we need Resources 3D Printer – Access to 3D printer where we will try manufacturing the design.

Expertise in 3D printing in form of Volunteers who are ready to dedicate their problem solving skills, time, work and energy for this noble cause

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