Our advisor, Prof. Anne-Laure Fayard received the Distinguished Teacher Award for 2017

DFA NYU is honored by the New York State Senate’s 20th Senate District

DFA NYU received the 2017 NYU President’s Service Award

When you have ideas, you Prototype!

The Medline Industries- Independent Mobility Project team in Northfield, IL

The Fiat Chrysler Automobile- Shared Mobility Project team in Detroit, MI

DFA NYU e-board after a Project Critique

Design Thinking workshop Fall 2016

DFA NYU and new friends at the Leadership Studio 2016

DFA is a nationwide network

DFA NYU members prototyping a women empowerment program in a slum of Kathmandu, Nepal

DFA-NYU Workshop for Diversity in STEM

Our students are supported throughout the design process by: Faculty Advisors, Professional Design Mentors, Community Partners, Each Other, and DFA.


Design for America of NYU is founded on the passion and belief that we, the students of NYU want to use Human-Centered Design to tackle local social issues to develop solutions that have impact locally and globally.

Our students from different nationalities, academic interests, and vivid backgrounds, are united by the idea that collaboration will definitely bring about changes for the betterment.

As a Studio, we are part of a movement that tackles the most daunting issues using our abilities at the local level.

DFA NYU is a powerful platform to connect students from different schools and develop a community of socially mindful change makers. There are multitudes of opportunities for students to go outside of the classroom and put their learning into action, through social innovation and entrepreneurship. Students transform from thinkers to doers through collaboration and bringing ideas to life.


Emma Hoffman

Emma Hoffman

Emma is a senior at NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study where she is a member of the Dean’s Honor Society and is creating an interdisciplinary major she calls, “Urban Food Sustainability and Food Justice.” Before serving on NYU DFA’s Eboard, Emma co-led The NYU FREEdge project which aims to tackle interrelated issues of food waste and food insecurity on college campuses. As a traveler and an artist, she is passionate about learning from other cultures and integrating a cross-cultural perspective to enhance her work in social impact design. Emma believes wholeheartedly in the power of interdisciplinarity in the design process and hopes to make an impact in the fields of public health and the future of food security.
Michael Niamehr

Michael Niamehr

Michael Niamehr is an electrical engineering undergrad at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. Michael’s interests in social impact and outreach have led him to latch strongly onto Human Centered Deisgn after his first DFA workshop. As an advocate of multidisciplinary teamwork and learning beyond one’s major, Michael is passionate about overcoming the obstacles associated with leading DFA’s cross-functional teams.

Tuba Naziruddin

Tuba Naziruddin

Tuba  Naziruddin is an advocate of altruism, strongly believing in helping and giving back to the community. With her techno-management background, MBA, Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Technology she is actively engaged in research, pro-bono consulting and projects aimed towards community building. She is part of the DFA team combating food insecurity-The NYU Freedge. She is a polyglot speaking five languages and enjoys learning about diverse cultures. Her mantra is “Be as open as you can to learning, the rest will follow on its own”. Inspired by the Human Centered Design process, she is currently working on a start-up idea.

Amira Dhanoa

Amira Dhanoa

Amira is a junior concentrating on Integrated Digital Media and Business Studies at NYU’s School of Engineering. As a full-time student exploring the intersection of engineering, technology, and art through design in and outside of the classroom, Amira loves to collaborate on projects that embrace the symbiosis between the technical and the artistic. She is especially passionate about utilizing human-centered design for social impact and teaming up with design-thinkers who have diverse backgrounds and interests in order to design more innovative solutions to real-world problems, and expand her perspective along the way.

Ashley Tang

Ashley Tang

Ashley Siyu Tang is an undergraduate student in NYU majoring in Media, Communication and Culture and minoring in Anthropology. She’s passionate about social changes, culture studies, media and film. She believes the power of human-centered design in making positive changes in our community and in the world. As the team lead of The Homeless Period Project, she and her team are tackling the issue of homeless women’s access to hygiene products and facilities.

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor

Anne-Laure Fayard is Associate Professor  in the Department of Technology Management and Innovation at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and affiliate faculty in the Department of Management and Organizations at NYU Stern School of Business. She is passionate about human-centered design and design thinking (which she researches, teaches and practices) and social innovation. Her other research interests include:collaboration, communication, culture, space and open innovation.

Our Values

Better together

Collectively, we come up with more ideas and create meaningful change

Make a change. Have an impact

It’s not only about being creative, but it’s also about being mindful and purposeful. It’s not only about coming up with ideas, it’s about implementing them.


It always starts with people

We design for social good by being focused on people’s and communities’ needs to make their lives better.


Never stop being curious

Ask why; listen to others; challenge your assumptions; wonder “what if” and iterate one more time!


Diversity is our richness

Our multiple perspectives allow us to come up with creative solutions to tackle multiple complex issues.


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