Who are we?

We are a community of students, undergraduates and graduates across all NYU, we use human-centered design to tackle social issues locally and globally and to develop solutions that have social impact. We are part of Design for America (DFA National), a national student network composed of more than 35 studios across the US.

Spring 2023 Schedule

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Events Coming Up

Project Critique I — March 2nd, 2023

Project Critique II — March 7th, 2023

Project Critique III — March 23rd, 2023

PODCAST: Design Thinking Roundtable

Season 3: Designing for the Public to investigate the meaning of Human-Centered Design in the public sector. Public sector fundamentally pertains to and involves people: Without people, the “public” does not exist, nor does the government. We discuss, debate and question the past, present and future of design thinking in the public sector. In the first episode, our host, Priyanka Vora and studio lead sat down with design experts working with and in the government to discuss why human-centered design matters for developing and implementing policies that create positive social impact.

In the latest season, we focus on designing for all humans. As practitioners of human-centered design, we should always encourage ourselves to think about the extremes, and not design only for the “average” user. However, more often than not, the people who are already marginalized in society remain excluded from this process. How can we find the right way through this? 

In the first season of the Design Thinking Roundtable, DFA NYU connected with experts in the fields of design thinking, innovation and social impact to discuss how they approach human-centered design in their projects.